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Elite Squad


Professional Training

Growth Mindset

Professional Training - Creating a Professional Environment for those not yet with a pro team

Here is an unbelievable opportunity to gain training from some of the best coaches in the industry and train with other top players who are like-minded. Casual Ballerz will take you to the next level in every element of your game. Develop fantastic technical ability with our advanced technical drills that take place at each training session. Gain unstoppable agility with our high-intensity footwork and agility work at every session. Get stronger with our core workouts that are designed to make you strong on the pitch. Really learn everything about your position so you can dominate!

- Uefa Licensed Coaching  

- Train two - three times a week

- Top-quality and professional equipment 

- Training Kit

- Games

- Training sessions

- Games recorded 


Growth Mindset - Helping Young Players develop a successful, determined and resilient mindset

When developing a top player you can't forget about their mental game! Casual Ballerz is designed to help young players build a growth mindset that will always help them to grow inside and outside of sport. Learn how to create clear concentration on the pitch and in the classroom with dietary advice. Develop the mental tools to continually bounce back from setbacks. Understand the importance of skill acquisition with high and consistent effort when in pursuit of your goals. Be in an environment that helps you to raise your standards on and off the pitch. Become a leader that motivates and inspires those around them. Give back to society and the environment with a group that cares. Develop all the mental tools to become successful in any field.   

- Life skill sessions 

- Group mentorship 

Possible Opportunities - Putting young people in positions to be successful 

The main purpose is to develop players into the best version of themselves holistically to increase their likelihood of success in sport or in school and employment. We develop you and then give you an opportunity to succeed. Play games against leading college academies such as National Champions, Tottenham FC, and many more. Perform well in front of Chelsea FC, Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic scouts. Gain recognition from top agents who work with Queens Park Rangers, Fulham FC, Wimbledon, Norwich FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Stoke City and Aldershot Town. Get a direct opportunity to earn a scholarship in America with our connections to San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, Holy Names University, and many more. Get the opportunity to earn a level 1 coaching badge with our connection with Chelsea FC. Gain valuable volunteering experience with us and in the community. 

- Showcase Games 

- Scholarships in America 

- Coaching badges 

- Volunteer experience 

Amazing Opportunity in Italy

Through training and competing with Casual Ballerz Dwayne and Alessandro were given the opportunity to pursue a professional contract in Italy. Unfortunately, Alessandro got injured and was unable to showcase his talent. Dwayne trained with professional clubs in Italy for four months but wasn't able to sign pro this time.

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