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Casual Ballerz is a unique opportunity for male and female players aged 13 - 23 years old to grow, progress and develop as footballers and as individuals. We are leading experts in the overall development of players/young people and will get you to the next level of your game! The unique environment that is created within each squad is truly special and specifically designed to aid in confidence, resilience and empowerment. Motivation within players significantly increases on and off the pitch whilst with Casual Ballerz. Our professional coaches are trained to maintain this level with each player by raising standards, setting targets and increasing self-belief. 

There are various opportunities to progress in and outside of football: professional scouts attending games and training, employment opportunities with FA coaching badges and direct links to scholarships in America with no extravagant costs. 

No false Promises!

We are ALOT more than just a football program

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"Casual Ballerz has helped me with my confidence. They have given me opportunities to play in front of premier league scouts. " Read more below

"Casual  Ballerz made me a whole highlight video for me and sent it to coaches in America for a scholarship and to professional teams in Brazil" Read more below


Casual Ballerz has helped me on and off the pitch. I have never learned so much before joining Casual Ballerz. It has given me more confidence and is helping develop a growth mindet. Casual Ballerz is honestly a family outside of my family. I love the style of play that the coaches teach us, we really are developing technically and tactically. Since joining Casual Ballerz I have been so happy with my progress. They have given me opportunities to play in front of several premier league scouts and have got me on my level 1 coaching license at an unbelievably discounted rate. We train twice a week with top hungry players who also help you to improve also. The culture here is amazing!

I would honestly recommend Casual Ballerz to anyone who is trying to develop. They make sure you develop physically and mentally! 

Hadi, 18

Overall the Casual Ballerz is great because they push me to be on another level. There are a lot of opportunities with scouts and scholarships in America. They have helped me so much with my game and gone the extra mile to try and get opportunities for me. Casual Ballerz made a whole highlight video for me and sent to coaches in America and professional teams in Brazil. Casual Ballerz also motivates me to achieve in college. I have never had this before from a football program. But at Casual Ballerz we are training so we can get to the next level in sport and in education which is so important. Casual Ballerz is not just a football program, its more like an overall development and progress program. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an opportunity.

Wagner, 20

"Casual Ballerz has helped me get scouted and I am now on trial at Crystal Palace. They have helped the mental side of my game" Read more below

Casual Ballerz has helped me take my game to the next level. They give you conditioning, technical in-game situations and amazing ball work. Casual Ballerz also delivers life skills such as Self-Direction. This has helped the mental side of my game on and off the pitch to help me elevate to the next level. Casual Ballerz also good links with Academy Teams. They have used this to help me get a trial for Crystal Palace.

They also do one on one training. I have done many one on one sessions and they are amazing. the coaches help you focus on the small details that make the biggest difference in games.


Righ now Casual Ballerz are doing online home workouts and game analysis. The home workouts are great as they work on the whole body and is a great way to keep sharp and focused. Game analysis is watching short clips of professionals in your position and learning from their success or mistakes. This helps a lot to better understand your position. 

Casual Ballerz is very different to other football programs and I am happy to be apart of it.

I couldn't think of a better place to be to develop outside of a professional team.

Mateus, 13